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About – WLI IT Calorie Challenge Blog
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1 Ms. Toni Anne Casale 57
2 Ms. Ivette Valentin 57
3 Ms. Cynthia Della Volpe 31
4 Ms. Diana Laracuente-Stecz 26
5 Ms. Denise Rawding 25



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Johnson & Johnson’s Gateway to a Healthy Community—Healthier Kids WLI IT Calorie Challenge

Johnson & Johnson's Gateway to a Healthy Community—Healthier Kids WLI IT Calorie Challenge

On October 7, 2015, twelve students from First Avenue School in Newark and 75 participants in the Johnson & Johnson IT Women’s Leadership Institute Summit joined together to launch the Gateway to a Healthy Community—Healthier Kids WLI IT Calorie Challenge. On that October morning, the twelve students led their adult counterparts in a rigorous 12-minute activity break, demonstrating the Johnson & Johnson program the students use to stay fit, and reminding the adults just how fun it can be to learn and move at the same time.

Our IT adults, inspired by the children’s example, issued a simple challenge. Every calorie the students burned off within their daily classroom-based exercise sessions would lead to a corresponding donation of a calorie of food to malnourished children and their mothers in Northern Nigeria. Neither the kids nor the adults have looked back.

By November 20, 2015, the kids and adults together had burned more than 1,000,000 calories, providing enough fodder for food to save 15 lives.

Through out the process, our adults have stayed in touch with the kids, urging them to exercise more with inspirational and entertaining homemade videos, notes and emails. We have created this space to facilitate that communication, providing the WLI IT members and First Avenue students with a place to post videos, written remarks, photos and more.

Teachers will monitor the site and provide fun glimpses of the encouragement for their students. We all are awaiting future pictures where we see our food donation arrive in Nigeria and reach the mothers and children in need.

In the meantime, please sign up so we know how to notify you when our collective food donation reaches Northern Nigeria and saves lives.

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