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Tips from Dennis Nobile – WLI IT Calorie Challenge Blog

Tips from Dennis Nobile


By Dennis Nobile, Activity Works Producer
Tips for Recording Videos on Phones or Tablets

1. Big Picture Advice: Length and Tone
Remember that you are talking to young children
Keep it short (2 minutes maximum)
Be warm and engaging

2. Avoiding the Most Common Disaster:
Make sure you have enough light
Open some windows, turn on lights, or even go outside
When you film, position yourself so the light is on your face, not on your back.
Make sure your camera is stable (see below for more details).

More General Tips for Creating Strong Videos:

3. Create a plan ahead of time
Take the time to first answer some of these questions:
What will you say in your video? What will you do in your video?
What do you need for your video?
Practice! Don’t let your recording be your first time through any of the material

4. Prepare your film area
Make sure you have some privacy for your video (limit background noise)
Closing doors, reserving office space, choosing private spaces (for example, you would not pick a local café for filming), etc.
Make sure you have the room necessary for accomplishing whatever you plan to do
Rearrange furniture, move to a larger location, etc.

Watch for more tips next week.

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