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WLI IT Calorie Challenge Blog
Rank Teacher's Name Sessions
1 Ms. Toni Anne Casale 57
2 Ms. Ivette Valentin 57
3 Ms. Cynthia Della Volpe 31
4 Ms. Diana Laracuente-Stecz 26
5 Ms. Denise Rawding 25



Sessions Per Week
Avg. Sessions
Per Month
Calories Burned
Members of the Johnson & Johnson IT Women’s Leadership Institute group met with students from First Avenue Elementary School in Newark this fall. The adults, inspired by the children’s example, issued a simple challenge: Every calorie the students burned off with in their daily classroom-based exercise sessions would lead to a corresponding donation of a calorie of food to malnourished children and their mothers in Northern Nigeria. Neither the kids nor the adults have looked back.

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Janet Aurbach Testimonial
Hi First Avenue School. I hope you’ve been doing your exercises too. I’ve been exercising and the calorie people told me that I have burned more calories than all these other old ladies.
J&J Testimonial
Hey Kids, I'm from J&J and I saw you guys doing a WLI IT Event. I would love to see you guys again and we're working hard to save lives in Nigera. Take care!

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By November 20, 2015, the kids and adults together had burned more than 1,000,000 calories, providing enough fodder for food to save 15 lives. Through out the process, our adults have stayed in touch with the kids, urging them to exercise more with inspirational and entertaining homemade videos,  notes and emails.  We have created this space to facilitate that communication, providing the WLI IT members and First Avenue students with

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Our students are so very excited about engaging in this awesome challenge and are looking forward to creating our own video. Our students are extremely proud to be approaching the 500,000 calories burned point and remain more determined than ever to save ten lives before we complete our challenge with you.
Dennis Nobile, a Producer of Activity Works, shares with us some excellent tips for creating a post-worthy video. These tips are geared towards recording videos on phones or tablets.

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Coming Soon: A Special Thank You Dance from the children at First Avenue Posted By: Newark Implementation Manager Eyesha Marable